Lexus launches ART IS MOTION

Lexus launches ART IS MOTION

World first “in-car-generative-artwork” paints the IS 300h driver portrait in real time.

In a world first experiment by Lexus Belgium, an IS 300h hybrid car will be creating an auto-generative portrait of its driver using specially developed artistic software measuring his driving style and converting this into ‘digital brush strokes’. The portrait is projected on the multimedia screen of the car and broadcasted onto a dedicated website for everyone to see.

The car recognizes inputs such as the balance between the use of the petrol and electric engines, the speed and the acceleration styles. The data will be instantly converted into colors and brush strokes to create digital art imagery based on the original work of Spanish multi-medium artist Sergio Albiac. This could mean for example that strong red brush strokes occur while the driver is accelerating swiftly or that cool blue hues mean the driver is enjoying the silent cruising in electric mode.

The ART IS MOTION IS 300h driver is the renowned Belgian entrepreneur Walter Vanhaerents who has brought together an impressive contemporary art collection over the past thirty years. Vanhaerents is known for being an amateur of unconventional artists and a disrupter of accepted art-world thinking. He says: “Art is about looking forward into the next moment and trying to predict what is truly valuable, what improves our existence. I am intrigued to be a core part of creating a self-portrait that is digitally painted by the way I drive the ART IS MOTION Lexus.”

Generative artist Sergio Albiac has a vast experience with auto generative artwork. When producing his art, he translates his concept into computer language and designs software that is able to adapt the original artwork. This project is however his first with a car. “For me the state of constant flux is a reflection of how life experiences build our identities and our real portraits. ART IS MOTION is not a set piece or a moment in time. The public can view its timeline of development online and even see art prints from the car hanging up in Lexus dealerships. The project embodies all my ambitions to create work beyond myself”, explains Sergio Albiac.

The ART IS MOTION experiment is not a solitary endeavor enjoyed only by Walter Vanhaerents. The IS 300h art car is able to transmit the updating portrait to the website where anyone can access and experience what is happening and browse the history of the way in which the artwork has evolved.

ART IS MOTION is a Lexus Belgium project inspired by the international AMAZING IN MOTION concept, which is a series of projects being released by Lexus over time. These edgy and surprising experiments with artists and technology are designed to mirror the brand’s aspirations to constantly push the boundaries of design, technology, craftsmanship and customer experience.

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